Chromatography Consumables

Chromatography is an analytical technique used in pharmaceutical, chemicals, food, and environmental testing laboratories to separate mixtures. Chromatography consumables are single-use products used for separating components or solutes from gas, solvent, water, or any mobile fluid.

It is important to ensure compatibility for your current equipment when selecting new accessories, as These accessories can include columns, sample vials, and sample preparation materials such as syringe filters. There is also an assortment of other chromatography consumables including fittings, valves, and autosamplers. we as replacement costs, availability, and ease of use.

Flash Chromatography New

Flash Chromatography

Flash chromatography is a liquid chromatographic separation method used for many years in chemical and organic laboratories, especially for fast preparative purposes. In literature, it is described as a "quick-and-dirty" method for the purification or isolation of substances, Compared to preparative HPLC separation, this separation method is more time-efficient and economical, It can either be carried out manually with little effort or automated with appropriate equipment, In contrast to HPLC, flash chromatography compounds are separated in normal phases (often unmodified silica gel) at a low pressure (2-25 bar), Flash chromatography is therefore often referred to as low-pressure or medium-pressure liquid.

Laboratory Euipment

GC Columns

By means of gas chromatography (GC), the analysis of gaseous or highly volatile substances which can be evaporated completely without undergoing decomposition is possible, Due to different boiling points and distribution in the stationary phase (liquid film or solid), the analytes can be separated, You will find all commonly used capillary columns in the Analytics shop, as well as custom-made packed columns and all common separation columns for gas chromatography, We offer over 10,000 different capillary columns including columns of all major manufacturers such as Agilent, SGE, Thermo Scientific and Vici, Packed columns are available upon request, Compare columns from different manufacturers by making use of our GC column configurator.

GC Retention Gaps

A GC column may become contaminated over time by the accumulation of non-volatile material and may be damaged by the continuous condensation and evaporation of solvents and analytes, By using GC retention gaps, also known as precolumns, the lifetime of the GC columns can be extended cost-effectively, Retention gaps are mainly used for focusing the sample components when introducing large (liquid) sample quantities onto the column.

Guard Columns

Separation columns with modern solid phases are critical components of the HPLC system, Careful handling and protection against impurities is necessary to ensure optimum and consistent separation results, In order to extend the life of your HPLC columns, it is advisable to use guard columns, They are able to remove molecules which would form an irreversible bond with the material of the analytical column, Guard coloumns need to be changed on a regular basis, A good indication on when to change a precolumn is a gradual increase in the back pressure.

HPLC Columns

Quality HPLC columns are essential for optimal resolution in laboratory analysis, Analytics-Shop offers a wide range of more than 140,000 HPLC columns from well-known brands and manufacturers including our own, cost-effective Altmann Analytik HPLC columns.


The Analytics Shop offers a wide range of detector lamps for chromatography, Choose deuterium lamps and VIS (tungsten) lamps from many well-known manufacturers such as Agilent Technologies, Heraeus Noblelight and our very own brand Altmann Analytik of equally high quality, Consumables and accessories for UV / VIS spectroscopy are also available, Our experienced staff is happy to help you find the right lamps.

SFC Columns

The low viscosity of supercritical carbon dioxide allows for analytical separations to be 3-5 times faster than those for normal phase HPLC, The speed of the SFC separations, conservation of organic solvents and more concentrated product fractions make SFC a desirable preparative chromatographic technique for purifying chemical mixtures, SFC is an environmentally friendly separation technique, where the main component of the mobile phase is CO2 and is therefore useful in the fields of preparative chromatography and rapid analysis chromatography, The use of CO2-based mobile phases enables the use of high performance preparative columns (10 – 50 mm internal diameter) with a variety of particle sizes from 3 – 20 μm and results in the rapid separation and recovery for purified components.

Solvents for GC

The latest developments in residue analysis through gas chromatography (GC) have raised the standards of sensitive detection tasks in environmental analysis and in the food industry, Besides improvements in instruments and columns, the quality of the solvents plays a crucial role in GC and MS / MS applications to achieve reliable results, The solvents for gas chromatography are obtained from special distillation sections.

Solvents for HPLC

HPLC grade describes a solutions quality, that is mainly desinged for isocratic separations applying UV and fluorescence detection, These solvents are especially characerized by high purity combined with high UV permeability at all relevant wave lengths, low inherent fluorescence and waste steam pressure as well as low acidity and alkalinity.

Spare Parts

parts and accessories for high pressure liquid chromatography and other chromatography applications, Combination seals and caps of different dimensions are available, Closures with magnetic caps are available.

Supply for Chromatography

Experience a large selection of products for HPLC and GC in our Analytics Shop which includes supplies for chromatography such as capillaries and tubes, fittings and sample loops as well as ferrules, liner, septa and unions for gas chromatography, Degassers and various high quality solvents for HPLC are also available at reasonable prices.

TLC Plates

The principle of thin-layer chromatography (TLC) has been known for over 100 years, TLC is still a very common and popular separation technique for qualitative and quantitative analysis in the laboratory, Like all chromatographic methods, the aim is to separate a compound into its chemical components, The success of this method is due to its simplicity, also in terms of sample preparation, low cost, versatility, fast development time, high sensitivity and excellent reproducibility, Thin-layer chromatography is also highly efficient, Up to 70 samples can be separated simultaneously on a TLC plate, TLC is used in many industries and research areas, e.g. clinical analysis, food chemistry and pharmaceutical production.

Vials and Caps

ur organization is known for offering a rich assortment of HPLC Vials, Cap & Septa, We are engaged in providing our customers with supreme quality products with the help of which we provide them the support to keep their business process streamlined in a well maintained manner, Our HPLC Vials, Cap & Septa has reached the zenith of popularity in relatively a short duration of time, They are available in different shape and sizes as per customers requirement.