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We research and offer a wide variety of Laboratory Analytical Instruments for high-quality applications. For these instruments visit us at The Best suppliers in Dubai, UAE We supply lab equipment products with free and unbiased technical assistance to help you solve your application.

Automated Workflows Balance

Laboratory autoclave by providing reliable performance, up-to dated design and..

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Micro Centrifuge is designed for quick and pulse spin down up to 6,200 rpm / RCF 1,800 x g..


Micro Centrifuge is designed for quick and pulse spin down up to 6,200 rpm / RCF 1,800 x g..

Circulation Bath

Heated/Refrigerated circulating open bath system capable of reaching temperature as low as -40°C..

Climatic Chamber

Climatic Chamber is suitable for stability, reliability and acceleration aging test of various parts..

Cold Chamber

Cold Trap Bath provides freezing temperature -35°C or -85°C to condensates and removes vapor or moisture..


Illumination Plant Growth Chamber provides reliable controlled climatic condition of temperature, humidity..


Digital Tissue Homogenizer can rapidly homogenize, disperse and emulsify samples in 1 ml ~ 2,500 ml of..


Digital hotplate Stirrer utilize the most advanced Digital Fuzzy Control technology of temperature, stirring speed and time..


General Incubator is ideal for bacterial, fungal, cell and tissue culture incubation temperature range from..

Laboratory Oven

Laboratory Oven utilize a motorized fan to force air circulates across heating element to supply hot air into the..


Cold Lab Chamber provides the reliability and security essential for the protection of temperature sensitive samples to be stored in +4°C..


Electric Muffle Furnace Ideal for experiments and process needs high temperature up to 1,200°C such as chemical analysis..

Orbital, Reciprocal Shaker

Reciprocal Shaker designed for agitation of samples in a container (e.g. flasks, bottles, tubes) within ambient..


Cabinet enclosure designed to maintain ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) clean air.Cabinet enclosure designed..


shaking application requiring controlled temperature and shaking speed for microbiology,Shaking Incubator is compact to fit laboratory..


Stability Chamber designed for Drug Stability Test for pharmaceutical industry meets the requirement of ICH Guideline Q1A (Stability Test)..


Vortex Mixer is designed to mix small vials, micro-tubes or tubes of liquid. Variable orbital speed up to max..

Water Bath

Water Bath to provides constant temperature environment with heated water. Suitable for biotechnology..

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method that can be used to clean almost anything, but it is particularly useful for cleaning objects and..

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