Autoclave Sterilizer

The autoclaves (research facility sanitizers)supply by Metaverse scientific & laboratory equipment trading co. LLC uniquely produced for lab sanitization applications, makes processes more secure, simpler, exact, reproducible and validatable. The autoclaves can be utilized in all research facility applications, even in requesting cleansing cycles: the disinfection of fluids (like supplement and culture media), solids (like instruments, pipettes, dish sets), squander (disastrous sanitization of fluid waste in jugs, or strong waste in obliteration packs) and natural dangers in wellbeing labs.

Autoclave Steam Sterilizer

Autoclave, Steam Sterilizer is an innovative replacement of conventional laboratory autoclave by providing reliable performance, up-to-dated design and safety door inter-lock system integrated with temperature and pressure for perfect user safety.

Laboratory Equipment

Dry Heat Sterilizer

Dry Heat Sterilizer is a common instrument to be used to drying, heating and sterilizing objects by heating air up to 160°C or 180°C with gravity or forced convection system during specified sterilizing exposure time range from 30 to 60 minutes of sterilization exposure time.