"Our Services" When you need Professional support!

Service effectiveness and customer satisfaction is one of the key differentiators of organizations and for ensuring long standing relationship with customers. Understanding this, we have built an effective customer support process to address the post sales needs of customers.

Our engineers are trained and certified by our Principals periodically and this is an ongoing activity for us. Our company equipped with critical spares to address emergencies and ensure maximum uptimes of the equipment. A well laid down process is in place to deliver service support to customers starting from installation till end of life of the equipment. It is our goal to ensure that all the equipments supplied by us are in service at all times!

Our services focus on optimizing your supply chain and ensuring you have what you need, when and where you need it. Our general lab services manages inventory and supply with our proprietary, cloud-based Inventory Manager and Chemical Manager software. We provide an effective after sales service and also provide a strong technical support, post the warranty period.

We also undertake maintainance and service contracts.

For any support request, send in your enquiry to,