Cryogenic and Freezer boxes

Cryogenic and freezer boxes, available in either polycarbonate or water repellent fiberboard, are used to store materials in ultra-low or cryogenic freezers. Typically made from cold-resistant fiberboard or plastic resins, they usually have drainage holes to facilitate removal of melted ice or liquid nitrogen. Metaverse Scientific supplies cryogenic storage and freezer boxes to meet any cold storage needs you or your lab may have. Our selection of cryostorage units and boxes include cryogenic storage racks, cryogenic storage freezer boxes, chest freezer racks, vial holders and partition boxes, vial canes and cane sleeves and cooler workstations. These cryogenic storage and freezer boxes are available in a variety of different colors for easy assigning of colors to various storage vials or tubes, and easy identification of sample types in cryogenic storage. They are also available in different materials to suit different storage requirements, from cardboard to plastic to stainless steel.