Medical Equipment Suppliers in UAE

We are the leading Supplier, exporter, wholesaler and trader of Medical Equipments. These products are developed with the use of high-grade raw material and technically advanced machines at our vendors' unit. These Equipments are available in a wide variety of specifications and can be customized according to the requirements of the clients.

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Autoclave Class B New

Autoclave Class B

Fully automatic sterilizing cycle, Presure released automatic, Draining water automatic 2-Button Panel with digital display, Front loading type steam heater, Sterilizing time adjustable

Medical Equipment

Centrifuge Machine

Motor housing and rotation chamber allow for cool operation under the heaviest workloads, Available in 6 Tubes, 8 Tubes, 12 Tubes.

Oxygen Concentrator Portable

Generate up to 90 oxygen concentration (flow:1L), The molecular sieve imported from France is adopted, long in use life and high in absorption efficiency, Timing shutdown fucntion, Remote control function, convenient to operate, integrate generating oxygen, nebulization and anion into one device, Anion concentration, up to 106 ions/cm3, Operation noise: <45dB(A).


Automatic and semi-automatic defibrillator, a device with self-test to be ready for use, External defibrillators are only effective if they are close to the victim.

Diagnostic Set

Consists of an ophthalmoscope, an otoscope, and a battery handle.

Electric Suction Machine

7A-23B - Electric Power Voltage: AC220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz Max negative pressure: ≥0.09MPa Noise:≤65dB (A) Power:≤180VA Pumping rate: ≥40L/min Reservoir capacity: 2500mL/pc, 2pieces.


8” TFT-LCD, Operation mode: touch screen & function keys, Sync collection for 12-lead ECG, free combination for baseline, AC & EMG filter, Store up to 1000 cases, convenient for case review & statistics. Clear ECG waveform & working state display economical to save recording paper, User-friendly interface, with low battery alarm & lead-off indication, Optional ECG-Sync software achieves sync collection, storage & analysis of ECG data, Multi-Language Interface, Paper speed: 5, 6.25, 10, 12.5, 25, 50 mm/s + 5%, Dimension: 340mm(L)x320mm(W)x85mm(H).

Glucometer Monitor

Target range indicator 1-button navigation, simple preparation, and an easy edge test strip.

Infusion Pump

Flow control with high accuracy ensures optimum therapeutic effect, Be compatible with most standard IV Sets, New IV set provided by the user can be calibrated by suppliers and infusion parameters can be input into the pump, which ensures accuracy. 3.5'' TFT-LCD, Operate with key, Residual infusion time can be displayed during infusing, With reminder function for starting the infusion, Accompanying IV-set clamp prevents liquid from flowing freely when the pump the door opens accidentally, A.B.S——ANTI BOLUS system prevents instantaneous high-dose injection from the sudden obstruction disappearing, Infusion pump can be mounted on infusion pole in many directions by the versatile bracket, Infusion parameters can be saved after power off.


Optical glass high power microscope with top & bottom lights, Five magnification settings, 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X & 1000X, 45 degrees inclined 360-degree rotatable monocular head, Sturdy metal frame with coarse focusing, Single lens condenser with 6-hole disc diaphragm.

Otoscope Set

Reliable & high-quality instrument that is suitable for everyday ear examination.

Oxygen Concentrator

Flow Rate Range: 5 L/min, Oxygen concentration: 93% + 3% (flow: 5L), SpO2 measurement function, SpO2 measurement range: 0%~100%,The molecular sieve imported from France is adopted, long in use life and high in absorption efficiency.

Oxygen Cylinder Regulator

Flow Rate Range: 5 L/min, Oxygen concentration: 93% + 3% (flow: 5L), SpO2 measurement function, SpO2 measurement range: 0%~100%, The molecular sieve imported from France is adopted, long in use life and high in absorption efficiency.

Patient monitor

12.1'' TFT color LCD, multi-language interface, With the standard interface, oxygen graph, trend chart, big character interface, andview bed, Powerful functions for parameter waveform, trend storage, and review, Sync display of 7-lead ECG

Pocket Fetal Doppler New

Pocket Fetal Doppler


High sensitive ultrasound probe with a built-in speaker.

Baby Sound

Delicate and compact design; High sensitive doppler probe.

Portable Oxygen Cylinder Kit New

Portable Oxygen Cylinder Kit

Easy to operate. Light in weight (45% lighter than steel cylinder). portable (Can be easily carried anywhere). Oxy kit includes – aluminum alloy cylinder, bullnose wheel type valve,


High resolution color LCD, FVC,FEVI,PEF,FEVI1%FEF25,FEF75,FEF2575 can be measured,Display of waveform and trend chart,Display of testee’s health condition, Measurement data can be stored, detected, uploaded &reviewed.

Suction Machine Manual

Manual suction device. The unit is perfect for remote areas, clinics in villages, in-home care, first aid. Max vacuum: ≥0.04MPa. Max. flow: ≥20L/min suction bottle storage capacity: 200ml