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Metaverse Scientific is the leading supplier of Laboratory Equipment, Medical Lab Equipment in Dubai, UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Yemen, Qatar.

We supply best quality with affordable price of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for scientific, R&D, educational laboratories across the Middle East. Metaverse scientific & laboratory equipment trading co. LLC is best supplier of Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Instrument, School Lab Equipment, Medical Lab Equipment, Testing Lab Equipment, Microbiology Lab Equipment, Laboratory Consumable suppliers in Dubai, UAE We supply lab equipment products with free and unbiased technical assistance to help you solve your application.


All Types od Autoclave, Fully automatic all type, All type of high pressure autoclave Jar fermentor, Bio reactor Sterilizing

Clean Bench(Bio-hazard safety)

Clean Bench are used for plant tissue culture, pharmacy, medical science, semiconductor industry where clean environment is needed for the experiment.

CO2 Incubator(Air jacket)

CO2 Incubator are used for Cancer cells culture, culture of sperms and ovums, anaerobia culture and other special tissues culture.

Constant Temp-Humi C

The Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber from Weiber are environmental test chambers, designed to simulate constant climatic conditions for testing

Drying Oven

The Drying Oven Purpose of use is to dry glass equipments, sterilization, constant temperature experiment, paint, electronic component, building material, food, and measuring moisture of food.

Fume Hood

Used for the experiments that treats toxic gas, or harzadous chemical material, Protects the user from the toxic gas during the chemical experiment.

General Instrument

we offer a comprehensive range of laboratory equipment like General Laboratory Equipment · Magnetic Stirrers · Pipettes / Pipettors · Temperature Monitoring and Thermometers · Vacuum Aspirators..

Growth Chamber

Culture of plants, seedling culture, cultivation, growth, form genesis, growth laboratory and tissue culture, genetic research, agricultural chemicals, pathology, ecology, animals, insect culture, keeping quality test, etc.


Basic equipment in the laboratory such as microorganism culture, animal and plant cell culture, food storage experiment, germination experiment, constant temperature experiment, etc.

Laboratory Drugs Storage

Storage for toxic specimen and harmful substances used in laboratory. perfect sealed chemsafe store for removal of toxic gas.

Muffle Furnace

Suitable for Jewelry, weight analysis, organic material, coal powder measure , incinerate waste, research new material, heat treatment, high temperature experiment

Multi Purpose Chamber

Germination experiment, tissue culture of various plants, culturing microogarnisms which is sensitive to heat and light, food preservation experiment.

Plant Growth Shelf

Growth room providing optimal condition for plant growth by controlling artificial environment(Temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2). Culture of plants, seedling culture, cultivation, growth,

Refrigerate Chamber

Storage for sample and specimen etc, substitution for cold room, Electrophoresis, Chromatography experiments..

Seed Related Equipment

Seeds Drying Equipment for Sample Testing are used for a variety of applications like drying or tempering electronic components,material tests..


Equipment for testing lithium-ion batteries, which are essential to hybrid and electric vehicles. Used in a variety of industries, including automobiles, PCS, telecommunications, national defense and renewable energy

Laboratory Shakers

It is good for enzyme reactions, shaking culture, mixing and decolorizing various reagents, clinical pathology, serum test, bacteria culture.

Shaking Incubator

Equipment used for shake culture of animal and plant cells, thermophilic bacteria culture, enzyme reaction, mixing and bleaching of various reagents, clinical pathology, s

Water Bath

It can be used for various fields such as pharmacy, medicine, microbiology, biology, and clinical pathology, etc.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ultrasonic cleaning is a method that can be used to clean almost anything, but it is particularly useful for cleaning objects and..

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