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Absorbent Cotton Roll New

Absorbent Cotton Roll

Absorbent Gauze Roll Made of pure 100% cotton, soft and high absorbancy, and bleached perfectly

Medical Equipment

Absorbent Gauze Roll

Cotton rolls are made of 100% bleached cotton, soft and high absorbency, with or without paper inserted are available.

Cohesive Bandages

Adhere to itself, non sticky to hair and skin, no pins or clips needed. Light weight.

Cotton Balls 0.5g

100% bleached cotton, soft compact & uniform. High absorbent.

Cotton Crepe Bandage

Consists of an ophthalmoscope, an otoscope, and a battery handle.

Elastic Crepe Bandage

80% cotton and 20% polyurethane, latex free & comfortable.

Elastic Tubular Support Bandage

Made of 82% cotton and 18% rubber, Seamless, knit tubular construction with 360 degree compression & support. No clips, pins or tape needed.

Fiber Cast Padding

Made out of fiberglass, a kind of moldable plastic, these casts come in many bright colors and are lighter.

Gauze Swab Non Sterile

Euromed gauze swabs are made of 100% virgin cotton, soft & high absorbency, bleached perfectly, low linting, and folded edge. With or without X-ray detectable threads. Sterilized by EO

Gauze Swab Non Woven

Non-woven swabs have 70% viscose & 30% polyester material. Premium quality, soft, and high absorbency.

High Elastic Bandage

80% polyester & 20% rubber, high elasticity, good breathability. Tight to skin & unlikely to get loose.

Lap Sponge

Lap sponges are made of 100% virgin cotton, soft & high absorbency, bleached perfectly, and prewashed with X-ray detectable thread.

Plaster of Paris

POP has a strong setting & permeable to water.

Silk Tape New

Silk Tape

Medical tape made from acrylic adhesives on acetate cloth. The flexibility and strength of the tape gives it long-lasting adhesion.

Surgical Tape Paper New

Surgical Tape Paper

Made of hypoallergenic non-woven material for sensitive skin, easy to tear, skin friendly, and painless removal.

Wound Dressing Water Proof Transparent

Made of transparent and waterproof PU film. Breathable with sterile film barrier that is impervious to liquids, bacteria and viruses, providing an effective barrier to external contaminants. Hypoallergenic for maximum comfort.