Respiratory, Urology & Catheters

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96 Well Plate Centrifuge with modern microprocessor New

96 Well Plate Centrifuge with modern microprocessor

A soft, inflatable air cushion is intended for fitting the patient's face, ensures flexibility and air tightness.

Medical Equipment

Ambu bag

Complete with no return membrane valve and connection for peep valve, Features a PVC transparent mask shaped design that allows a perfect adhesion to the face Constructed with a superior quality that ensures prolonged usage capability.

CPR Mask

One-way valve with filter. Elastic, latex-free head strap attached to mask, Hard plastic case.

Endotracheal Tube

Medical grade PVC (DEHP Free), Available with X-ray line Tubing, With a 15mm standard connector, Atraumatic soft rounded beveled tip & Murphy eyes are less invasive.

Foley Catheter Latex

Natural latex, medical-grade silicone-coated available with hydrophilic coating.

Foley Catheter Silicone

100% Silicone, a medical-grade catheter with an X-Ray line.

Guedel Airway

Medical grade PE material with reinforcement insert color coding for size identification.

HME Filter

Made of PP medical-grade. Utilized in combination with breathing circuits and tracheal tubes.

Nasal Cannula

Suitable for easy application and efficient administration of oxygen.

Nebulizer Mask

Specially designed for nebulizer chamber w/ nebulization rate of 3cc, 210cm star.

Non Rebreathing Mask

Intended for high concentration oxygen therapy, A lightweight reservoir improves oxygen efficiency & patient comfort.

Oxygen Mask

Designed for convenient oxygen therapy, Swivel connector for patient comfort.

PVC Nelaton Catheter

Medical grade PVC (DEHP Free), Available with X-ray line catheter, Atraumatic soft rounded tips is less invasive, Color coding for identification.

Suction Catheter New

Suction Catheter

Medical Grade PVC (DEHP Free), Available with X-ray line on the catheter. Atraumatic soft rounded tip is less invasive, Color Coding for identification.

Urine Collection Bag New

Urine Collection Bag

With Hanger Medical grade PVC with plastic hanger, drip chamber, air filter, non-return valve, tubing clamp & bedsheet clamp with “needle free” sampling port. Capacity 2000 ml. Without Hanger Medical grade PVC With non-return Valve Capacity 2000 ml.