PCR Lab Consumables

PCR Consumables are the plascs used to carry out PCR reacons through the thermal cycler. These plascs include the plates, tubes, caps, and more all designed for opmal PCR performance and storage. Manufacturers make many PCR plasc extras to help increase efficiency when working with them in the lab. Some of these include barcoded plates for reliable sample tracking, as well as heat sealers, used to prevent evaporaon from PCR plates, for storage and transport.

PCR Films And Foils

with removable grid dividers that create storage cells to hold cryovials or microtubes for freezer storage.

Cardboard Cryoboxes New

Cryo boxes

Laboratory Vertical Autoclave is designed to accommodate a wide range of applications. The user can choose to add the features needed according to intended use. Features are designed specifically for lab based sterilizations used in pharmaceuticals, microbiology labs, research laboratories, food and chemical industries.

Centrifuge Tubes

FDA approved virgin Poly Propylene these centrifuge tubes are RNase, DNase, metal and pyrogen free.

CryoGen Tubes

Polypropylene that remains stable at ultra-temperatures (up to -196°C) without cracking.

Filter Tips

made of hydrophobic PE-HD as an aerosol barrier and for protecon against contaminaon

Microcentrifuge Tubes

special blend of Polypropylene (PP) and feature ulmate clearness and transparency. DNase, RNase, Human DNA, PCR Inhibitors, Metal Centrifuge

PCR Tubes

Available as 0.2 mL, suitable for standard PCR/qPCR thermocyclers, requiring regular profile tubes, and as 0.1 mL

Reagent Reservoirs

With the new AHN reagent reservoirs you can speed up ELISA, PCR, and many other laboratory procedures without sacrificing pipeng accuracy.


These transparent, ready to use, disposable Petri Dishes are made of optically clear, non-toxic, Polystyrene, These Petri Dishes packed individually in polyethylene bags are sterilized by radiation. These dishes for microbiology application are manufactured under strict aseptic conditions using on-line production and packaging. Stable stacking, Perfectly flat and retain shape up to 55 °C, Excellent optical, quality: Total transparency, Compliant with automatic plate pourers, Available in 55, 65, 90 and 140 mm diameter Sterile dishes are supplied with proof of sterility and batch number displayed on the box. Cleanroom double-outer bag packaging available. Certifications: Certificates available upon request. .