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24 Hour Urine Container New

24 Hour Urine Container

24-Hour Urine Collection Bottle, Graduated in ounces and milliliters, Measured volume of 96-oz./1,000 ml., Wide, easy-grip handle, Can be used with a calculi strainer.

Medical Equipment

Blood Collection Set

Designed to increase the safety of routine vein puncture procedures. The winged blood collection needle has a safety mechanism that is activated after blood collection.

Blue Tips

Made of polypropylene and are clear to allow for an easy view of the contents of the tip.

Conical Test Tubel

Made of premium polypropylene for clarity and centrifugal strength.

Hitachi Cup 3ml

Hitachi cups are used as sample cups on Hitachi analyzers and on multiple other instruments, Hitachi cups are auto analysis sample cups that fit into the carousels of major manufacturers' analyzers, This product is designed for use with Hitachi analyzers.

Micro Centrifuge Tube

SnapLock microcentrifuge tubes have frosted cap surfaces and frosted side panels, ideal for labeling. Each cap features a piercing port in the center of the cap.

Microscope Slide

Made of common glass and their edges are finely ground.

Multi sample Needle 18g

Made of stainless steel and plastic Luer adapter, The needle is covered & closed off with a rubber shield.

Red Cap Clot Activator with GEL

Coated with micronized silica particles which activate clotting when tubes are gently inverted, Clear as glass with equal or better performance, Molded to be virtually unbreakable, providing a better level of safety than glass, Tubes have an 18-month shelf life from the date of manufacture, Pediatric tubes come with white rings for quick identification, Safety Twist Caps can be removed and replaced several times, Non-screw caps can be removed and replaced as often as required.

Specimen Loops

Disposable specimen loop, ethylene oxide sterilization. plastic, Sterile.

Swab With and Without Media

Efficient collection and release of microorganisms, Preserve the microbiological population from sampling to the bench.

Test Tubes

Polypropylene/polystyrene tubes generally used in radioimmuno assay.

Torniquet New


Made of strong material, with a plastic safety closure, Single-handed use, Individually packed.

Transfer Pipette New

Transfer Pipette

Consist of a long, slender tube and a molded bulb which can be gently compressed and relaxed to remove or dispense the desired liquid.

Tube Green Cap LH 5ml

Heparin Glass Tubes provide a dependable and convenient solution that helps facilitate blood testing procedures, These Plasma Tubes are Sodium Heparin Coated and freeze-dried, They feature an optional conventional stopper, closure and paper label.

Urine Container Sterile

Made of transparent polypropylene or polystyrene, with a white screw cap, Sterile. individually wrapped.

Yellow Tips

Made of polypropylene and are clear to allow for an easy view of the contents of the tip.