Bunsen burner with stop cock brass blue for lab use in school or colleges, flame or heat apparatus for many applications good quality. Bunsen burner with stop cock suitable for LPG used as flame/heating apparatus for no. of applications in lab or workshop use .Broad size 6x2.5 inches .Brass chrome plated burner is a laboratory equipment for a single flame which is used for heating sterilization and combustion. Single flame apparatus for school, colleges, educational institute and workmanship. Bunsen burner is a type of gas burner commonly used as a heat source in laboratory experiments. The burner consists of a flat base with a straight tube extending vertically, known as the barrel or chimney. Natural gas (predominantly methane) or a liquified petroleum gas such as propane or butane is supplied at the bottom of the chimney.

What is Bunsen burner ?

A Bunsen burner is a type of gas burner that is used in many chemistry procedures in a laboratory setting. It is used to heat substances, to combust substances, and to sterilize objects on high heat. Many different types of gases can be used in a burner such as methane, butane, propane, or a mixture of them. It produces a hotter flame than with regular air and gas mixture. It is named after a German chemist, Robert Bunsen, who introduced it in mid-1800s.